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Chapter President's Welcome

Benny M. Martinez
SVAA President 2023
(510) 750-0252

If you are a current SVAA member, I thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you throughout the year at our events. If you are not a member currently, I would encourage you to check the calendar page on this website and attend a meeting to see what you are missing. Registration fees will be waived for any first-time attendee!

It is an honor to serve as your President again, and I welcome any suggestions on how the Silicon Valley Alarm Association can support you further.

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The Silicon Valley Alarm Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 trade association made up of member companies that adhere to a set of standards and ethics to promote professionalism in the alarm industry. This professional code of conduct benefits the many people who rely upon (or are considering) security systems for their personal safety, the safety of their homes and families, businesses and communities.

News / Events

Dec 2 2020

Expert Tips for Choosing An Alarm Company

You may only get one chance to protect yourself from harm. Keeping this in mind, choose your security company with care. We recommend the following steps for consumers to take to help make the right decision in choosing the services of a reputable security and fire alarm company: Ask your family, friends or business associates…

Dec 2 2020

Protecting Your Home From Porch Pirates

For criminals, porch piracy is one of the easiest types of theft because they can carry it out swiftly and silently. In the winter, when valuable gifts are being delivered and the sun goes down earlier, porch piracy is in full swing. In the cover of the dark, criminals speed toward victims’ porches, grab their…

Dec 2 2020

Smart Things to Do with a Doorbell Camera

If you haven’t yet invested in a doorbell camera, you’re missing out on a powerful home security tool. There are so many smart things you can do with a doorbell camera; here are some of the smartest. Catch Criminals in the Act From our daily meals to our large electronics, just about everything can now…

Chapter Events

5/3/2023   Three-way Alarm Association Mixer

Please rsvp by emailing info@CAAonline.org or by calling 800/437-7658.

Why Join The Association?

Management Programs

Alarm management programs and literature are available to assist your company and your subscribers to ensure appropriate response to calls for service from alarm owners.

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Education & Webinars

Education seminars and training are scheduled in various locations throughout the state. In addition, access to online webinars & classes are available exclusively to SVAA members.

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Networking Opportunities

Meetings at your local and state conventions give you the opportunity to meet in workshops and seminars with your peers to learn and to exchange ideas on topics relative to your business. Network!

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Public Relations

PR activities disseminate positive information about the alarm industry to consumer and law enforcement agencies. The SVAA is dedicated to the growth and professionalism of our industry.

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One Membership, Two Associations

With one membership, you belong to two associations: The Silicon Valley Alarm Association, and the California Alarm Association (CAA). Dues are paid quarterly by electronic debit or invoice.

Frequent Legislative Updates That Impact Your Business

Licensing requirements do change and as a member you are kept informed. We also work on your behalf with cities throughout Santa Clara, Monterey, Santa Cruz & San Benito Counties and the state of California to watchdog local ordinances (and fines).

Rod Uffindell

Denelect Alarm

“I wanted to learn about the industry and I heard from a police department friend that there was a bay area alarm association in Oakland so I went to a meeting. From there I learned of the WBFAA, now the CAA.”

Chuck Petruska

Advanced Alarm

"I have been able to experience first-hand the benefits of the association and encourage any alarm company to join or attend any CAA event. They are iconic to our industry and they grow and offer members high opportunities for networking and gaining knowledge in our industry.”

Dawn Smith

Total Monitoring Services

“While working for King Central, I became their Regional Account Manager. I wanted to be aware of what was going on in the industry so I began attending the Sacramento Area Alarm Association meetings. I did not expect the true friendships I have made over the years through the different Associations. I carry some of the people I’ve met through the years very close to my heart.”

Together, We Can Achieve More!

These are only some of the benefits derived from membership with The Silicon Valley Alarm Association. Benefiting your bottom line, enhancing your professionalism, and working with your industry colleagues are the common values that we all share.

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